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This bike won Best in Class at the 2007 World of Wheels show in Kansas City, Mo. It also won Best Paint out of all the bikes at the same show. Look for this bike at upcoming shows and at several bike night events in the Kansas City area.

This bike used to be yellow. There were over 40 different pieces that were airbrushed. 
This is what it used to look like. We took it all apart, filled all the emblem holes, repaired some minor chips, cracks and scratches and went crazy with the airbrush. This job took 296 hours to complete.  
This is a look down the left side. There are dragons on fire, mountains, fire filled skies with demon faces,mountains made of skulls with lava flowing from the eye sockets, torn intestines, demons, and of course naked chicks! 
We started by changing the color from yellow to black. Marron with gold pearl was sprayed on upper leading edges of some parts. Purple with gold pearl was sprayed on rear edges of some parts, then the airbrushing started. 
The first thing I airbrushed was the tank cover. This is the left side. Its a demon that is tangled in his own intestines which are coming out of his mouth and the flow through the center of the entire bike. 
The demon on the right side of the tank. This was done in white first. The a mix of black and violet kandy was used. After that a mix of rootbeer and tangerine kandy, then white highlights. 
The top of the tank cover. This is where the intestines flow together from right to left sides. The back of the front fender, the sides of the saddlebags, the lowere center of the front farring, and rear center of the bike have these.  
This is the bottom below the steps. This is actually under the center of the front farring. Like I said we airbrushed every inch of this bike. Alot of what is painted will be missed by the casual viewer.  
The left side of the farring. 
Joe put a new smoked windshield on too. 
The right side of the farring. 
This bike was cleared using Dupont Hot Hues HHC 5400 clear and then polished. 
The beast is flying through mountains on the front of the farring. 
This job was done with several different Dupont Chromabase colors black, white, yellow, purple, blue, red, maroon, gold pearl, silver, and then several different kandy colors, red, rootbeer, tangerine, violet, gold, yellow, blue and some more custom mixes of my own creation. 
The front of the farring has the chick walking up the steps to the cave. She is about to be eaten by the beast flying through the burning sky filled with hidden faces.Mountains are on each side. 
This is the center of the front farring. This chick is walking up stairs that lead into a cave. The steps have torn intestines laying on them and falling off the front of the bike. The go all the way under the bike. 
This is a shot of the best flying above the chick on the front. A big thumbs up to my main man Jared on this bike. He tore this thing all apart, bodyworked it,wetsanded for days, and got it all put back together after I was done painting without even scratching it!  
The skull mountains on the right farring. 
The skull mountains on the right farring. 
On the farring I first done the mountains. I made them out of skulls. Then I airbrushed the flowing lava from the eye socket into the fire below with faces in it. 
The right and left side of the farring are both done like this. Heavy Metal was the inspiration for alot of this bike. Led Zepplin, Ronnie James Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,Kiss,to name a few. This all flows with the meaning of different songs.  
I don't have a cell phone, I don't own a watch, I don't get paid for my typing. I get paid to paint wild ass stuff. Joe, the guy who owns this bike calls me a Hillbilly. "You have no idea" Joe is busting up now. A little inside joke. 
Lava drips out of the scoops in the farring sides. This bike really needs to be seen in person to appreciate the colors and detail.  
The sides of the farring are a mixture of fire, skull mountains with lava running down into pools of fire filled with burning faces. dripping fire balls. 
These are the faces in the farring side inserts. They are airbrushed top and bottom. If you ever see this bike in person, get on look inside and under everywhere and you will find something you did not see before. 
This creature is coming out of the fire on the front fender.  
This is probably my favorite part of the bike. It a toss up between this and the very back of the bike. 
The front fender has a mix of fire, the intesine demon, and torn intestines are on the back of the front fender.  
The right side of the front fender. 
The left side of the front fender. 

The rear of the front fender is filled with torn intestines.

The back of the bike has two different naked chicks. One is holding a sickle. Torn intestines fill the center where the license plate goes. Too bad the plate is covering up some of the artwork.  

You just can't go wrong with naked girls on your bike.

The girl on the left rear saddlebag. These pictures turned out fuzzy. She looks alot better than it shows here. I am not a pro photagrapher either Joe.  
Its just not the old school bus anymore is it Joe? 
The right rear corner. 
If you look at the rear of this bike you will see a ton of LED lights. they go all around the rear trim pieces and saddlbags. The front of the bike is loaded with them also. 
The girl on the back of the right saddlebag. I did not want to do the same pose on each side. The pictures are fuzzy. It is alot crisper in real life. 
The left saddlebag door. 
The mountains on the saddlebags. 
The right saddlebag door. 
The right side of the saddlebags. 
The saddlebags have mountains, fire, a dragon flying up through the flames, burning sky with hidden faces and torn intestines on the inner area by the seat. 
The right saddlebag dragon. They match. Imagine that. 
The flying dragon on the left saddlebag.  
Malvagoi Sparlare 
The inner part of the bags have the torn intestines. The seat and tour pack hide alot of this. If you look for it though you can see it. 
This is the back of the tour pack. What, You have no idea what this means? Well if you don't speak Italian that stands to reason. If you happen to be in Kansas City, Mo. and see this bike running around just ask Joe. He will tell you.  
The center rear of the tour pack. I wonder how many feet of intestines are in the inner workings of this bike?  
The right side of the tour pack. 
The left side of the tour pack. The fire comes up from the rear saddlebags and catches this on fire. This then catches the rear spoiler on fire. 
The top of the tour pack has mountains made out of skulls with lava flowing down like the sides of the farring. 
The top left of the tour pack. 
The top right of the tour pack. 
The inner part of the farring that goes on each side of the front forks has been flammed. This is one of those areas that you will miss unless you really look for it. 
The right mirror. 
The left mirror. 
The left side cover was flamed. 
The right side cover was flamed. 
The valve covers were flamed. 
We made Joe a sign for the shows. This bike will be at the World of Wheels show in Kansas City, Mo. on Feb 16-18th of 2007. 
We even done his helmet. 
The right side of the helmet. 
The left side of the helmet. 
The back of the helmet. 
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