Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 27, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

This is Mike's 05 Victory Kingpin. We kinda changed it up a bit. 
The top of the tank was to have the Indian off this shirt. I think I got it pretty close. 

Well there I am with the finished product and two of my trusty old Iwata airbrushes.

Its put back together. 
The Indian Chief. 
The mural on the top of the tank. 
This job was done using Dupont epoxies and primers then black Chromabase and Dupont Chromapremier clear. The airbrush colors were House of color black and white. 

The sides of the tank and fenders got tribal flames. The only colors used in this were white and black. I was able to get several different shades of grey.

The side of the tank. 
The back of the front fender. 
Tribal flames on the front fender. 
The front fender left side. 
The front fender. 
The right side of the rear fender. 
The rear fender right side. 
The right side cover. 
The left side cover 
We even done the helmet. 
We started by stripping down all the parts to bare metal. The fenders were sandblasted inside and out. then all parts were epoxied and bodyworked. 

The license bracket holes in the rear fender were welded up. The fenders were blasted and put in epoxy. Then bodyworked and primed, then blocked and reprimed. These Victory parts required a bit of bodywork.

The tank was stripped to bare metal, epoxied and bodyworked. Victory tanks require some bodywork. They come from the factory with bodyfiller in them because the metal is wavy. 
Once the parts were bodyworked and prepped for paint they were all sprayed black and cleared. Then they were sanded down airbrushed and recleared. Then sanded and polished. 
This picture was taken outside. 
A closeup of the top of the tank. 
There was a total of 89 hours in this job start to finish. Almost half of those were spent in stripping and bodyworking the parts. We also sprayed bodyshutz on the bottom of the fenders. 

This is what it looked like when we got it.

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