Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 27, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

This is Chris's 2010 Victory Cross Country. There are over 240 flame tips on this bike. Silver overlapping flames, pinstriped and drop shaddowed. Polished out so there are no tape lines.  

This is hard to take pictures of. there is alot of bike and alot of flames here so I am putting several on here.

The tour pack. Chris dedicated this bike to his mother. Pretty Cool! 
We even flamed the gas cap and helmet.  
A close up of the flames. they were freehand pinstriped by Eric Campbell out of kansas City. The pinstripes were cleared over and everything polished out to remove the lines.  
The front farring. 
Since we had to repair it and replace the farring and rear fender I added more flames to it. Originally it had 234 tips. now I think its closer to 250.  
We used the existing factory finish and added all the flames to it.  
This is Chris' 2010 Victory Cross Country. We flamed the entire bike.  
Chris took the bike apart and brought us all the pieces. There were 12 seperate parts to be flamed.  
Once the flames were laid out all the parts were clearcoated. 
After flames and clearcoat everything was sanded back down with 1000 grit.  
Eric campbell came down from K.C. Mo and pinstriped everything.  
The first step was to wetsand them all with 1000 grit and lay out all the flames.  
After the pinstripes were done I airbrushed drop shaddows on all the flames to give them depth and make them twist in and out of each other.  
After the drop shaddows everything was given 3 more coats of Dupont Chromapremier Clear.  
Once all the parts were cleared again everything got wetsanded with 2500 grit and polished.  
This job was done in all Dupont products. The flames are a GM color. Its Bright Argent Silver Effect . The Dupont Code is D8701K and the GM code is 6248. Chromapremier Clear was used.  
We had 176 hours in this job start to finish. that does not count Chris taking the bike apart and putting it together. It does not count Eric doing the pinstripes either.  
There are 234 flame tips on this entire bike. Thats alot of flames.  
Once its all put back together I will get those pictures on here.  
This is what it looked like before we started on it.  
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