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Death traps tank mural a little closer look. This bike was a major custom job. Every inch of it was airbrushed including the frame. 
A side view. All the welds on the frame were hand finished. It is airbrushed on every square inch. Alot of it is somewhat hidded by the massive engine and tranny but that adds to it when you spot something you did not see the last time you looked at the bike. 
The camera does not do justice to the detail in this mural. This job took a total of 135 hours to complete from start to finish. 
This is the lower half of Death Traps tank mural.  
Deathtrap has 73mm wide glide front forks with dual disk front brakes.It has a 21 in. front wheel and a 18 in. rear wheel. J.B.brakes, digital guages, hydrolic clutch, 5speed tranny, 131ci. engine, dual carbs and one bad ass paint job.  
This bike has 131 ci engine, 5 speed tranny, 5 in. open primary, Redneck exhaust, dual carbs, digital guages, Martin bros. suicide shifter, JB brakes.  
The left side. It features a 5 in. open primary, syco drive, suicide Martin Brothers jocky shift. Every inch of this bike is airbrushed. Alot of it is hidden by the massive engine. 
Another look at the dual 42 mm  Mukuni carbs on the Reveara intake. This bike runs.  
Deathtrap has dual 42 mm Mukini carbs on a Revera intake. 
Deathtrap has a 131 cubic inch Merch Performance engine.  
A view of the grim reaper peaking out from behing the tank. You can look at this bike all day and find something you didn't see before. 
A close look at some of the artwork. 
Accutronics forward controls, hydrolic clutch. Check out the skulls. They are everywhere. Skulls, fire, ball and chain, grim reaper, and a hidded scroll are just a few of the things you will find if you really look for them.  
The 131 ci. Merch engine. dual carbs, tons of power. 
The oil tank area and chain drive. 
The skeleton in the lake on the bottom of the tank. 
The sides of Death Traps tank got a knife blade tribal design .  
Deathtraps gas tank mural. There will be several pictures of this. The tank, fenders, and frame required alot of bodywork. All the welds on the frame were smoothed.    
More "screamin meanies" on the left side. Check out the edges of the blades.  
Check out the little "screamin meanies".  

The down tube where the engine mounts has a scroll on it. It is also on fire with skulls burning up in the flames as they go up the tube.

You can spot part of the grim reaper hiding out behind the tank. Some ball and chain stuff on the frame where the tank mounts. , fire coming up on the back side of the front down tubes.  
It has a custom lepara seat that is jel filled with an alligator skin insert.  
The right side. This gives a pretty good view of the massive engine, Redneck exhaust,& dual Mukini carbs. 
The rear view of Death Traps front fender.  
The custom flaming skull open primary cover. This bike has a 5 inch open primary by Syco Drive.  
This is the front view of Death Traps front fender. Fire and "screamin meanies".  
This really should be viewed in person on a sunny day.  
The front fender for Death Trap.  
This is the front view of the oil tank on Death Trap.  
This is a close look at just a small area of the lower frame rail below the engine. 
Death Trap frame down tubes  
Death Trap left rear frame section  

Death Traps frame . Skulls and some baal and chain art below where the gas tank mounts.

This is the rear view of the center down tube on Death Traps frame. The engine and Tranny mount to this.  
Death Trap lower  frame tubes. The skulls are everywhere.  
The left side of Death Traps rear fender.  
This is a closer look at the skulls on the rear fender of Death Trap.  
The right side of the rear fender on Death Trap.  
The reaper hides on each side of the frame behind the tank. 
This is a closewup to show some of the detail in the paint. Notice the small maltese cross. Some of the skulls on this bike have these crosses for eyes. 
The top of the tank. 
Another look at the guy on the tank. 
This bike is just BAAAADDDD!!!!  
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