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Herron Custom Paint

This 99 vette got a blazin real fire job put on it. This job took a total of 173 hours to complete.  
This car just screams BAAADDD AAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!! 
The fire comes out of the parklight openings and out from behind the license bracket. It also comes out of the brake cooler scoops. 
This was done using Dupont Variprime, Uro primer, Chromapremier sealer, black, white, and yellow chromabase, and several candy colors including red, orange, purple, gold and yellow. It was cleared with several coats of Dupont Hot Hues 5100 and polished to a glass finish. 
When this car got here it was having a bad time with some acid rain. It had some serious rock chip issues too. Well thats a thing of the past now. We repainted everything but the rear bumper and 1/4 panels. Those we polished. 
The doors, fenders, trunk, front bumper, headlight covers and hood were all tore down and removed. All the pieces had rock chips. The fenders and rockers were cracked in a couple areas. The trunk was just acid rain. 
All pieces were painted black and cleared off the car. Then they were wetsanded with 1000 grit. Then the car was assembled for airbrushing. Then tore back apart for clearcoat. Then polished and reassembled. 
The license plate cover will have chrome corvette letters installed. They are on back order. 
The right front corner of the bumper. 
The left front corner of the bumper. 
The left fender. 
The left mirror. 
The left door 
The right door. 
The right fender. 
The right mirror. 
A close up of some of the fire. 
I will put a few close fire shots on here. The camera just doews not do justice to the colors. 
Candy is the only way to go on a real fire job. You should see this outside in person. The depth is awsome.  
Another close up of the fire. 
The only real reason for this picture is to show how shinny this car is. Its hard to take a picture of it cause the guy taking the picture shows up.  
I will show some of the in progress shots so you can get an idea of just what it takes to do this. Well nothing like just tearing down a perfectly good car huh!!!!  
The hood, fenders, bumper, airducts, liners, and doors have been removed. It is faster to take them off to repair them than it is to try to do it on the car. It will make for a cleaner job this way also.  
The front bumper was been sanded down to remove all the rock chips and acid rain. The hood, fenders, rockers and doors got the same treatment.  

The trunk and the convertable top cover were repaired, painted and polished. The trunk was removed to do this.

The fenders, doors, headlight covers, hood, license plate cover, and front bumper were all painted black and cleared. They will all be wetsanded with 1000 grit. Then the car will be put together for flames.  

Both rockers were repairer, painted and polished.

The doors, fenders, hood, front bumper, and headlight covers are back on the car. It has been masked up to flame. After the flames the bumper, headlight covers and mirrors will come back off. The hood will be cleared in the up position so the fender jams can be cleared without leaving a tape edge.  
I draw the rough layout with chalk. This will give a general idea of flame location.  
The yellow is sprayed over the chalked areas. Then the chalk is wiped off with a damp cloth. After the yellow is on I start with the kandys.  
Here I am working on the final touches before the flames are clearcoated. All these flames were done with Iwata airbrushes. 
The hood was cleared up. The fenders and doors were cleared. The rest of the parts will be cleared off the car. Now a whole lot of sanding and polishing to get that glass finish. 
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