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"Lucille" is finally done. This was a complete frame off roticery restoration. The car was completely stripped to bare metal inside and out. All rusted metal was cut out and replaced. It is a new car again inside and out. This job took 1086 hours to complete. 
The hood. this car was painted in pieces and then assembled. The parts were all painted purple and sanded. Then assembled, flamed taken back apart and cleared, sanded, reassembled, pinstriped, taken back apart, cleared, polished and put back together. 
All the outer sheetmetal on this car is original. The bottom half of the fenders had to be rebuilt. The doors were basically rust free. Only the lower front section of both 1/4 panels was replaced. the trunk, hood and roof were bodyworked. 
There are no tape lines in any of the jams on this car. It was painted in pieces and then assembled. Great care was taken to prevent any scratches. 
The right side. This is a car that should really be seen in person. The camera just does not do this car justice. 
Eric Campbell came down from Kansas City to do the pinstripes. He does excellent work. I highly recommend him. If anyone needs to get in touch with him let me know and I will hook you up. 
The flames fade from a light cream color to bright yellow with Kandy tangerine tips. Light blue pinstripes finish it off. 
The flames go into the hood and door jams. None of that just letting the overspray go where it wants. Of course thye doors have all been rebuilt with new internal parts. 
All the flames were block sanded and polished to a glass finish. You can not see or feel any tape lines anywhere on this car. No orange peal either. Smooth.  
A look at the left side of Lucille. The purple was a custom mix just for this car. It has alot of wild pearl in it.  
This car spent the first 5 months here on the roticery. It took a total of 11 months to complete from start to finish. 
All Dupont products were used on this job. Dupont Variprime, Uro primer, Chromabase paint and Hot Hues 5100 clear. Lots of 5100 clear. 
All of the inside floors and bottom of the car were sprayed with 3M Body Shutz. This will help protect it and also cut down on road noise and heat. The owner wants a quiet ride. 
Notice how the flames are symetrical side to side. They were done in Dupont Chromabase. The front color is N8873K Almond Cream, the bright yellow is P4339K dandelion lightning yellow, the tips are tangerine Kandy. It is pinstriped in House of Kolor light blue. 
A look at the engine. It has the original dual carb setup for a 57 chevy. This is the original engine too. Of course the air cleaner is original equipment too. "Well maybe not the air cleaner". 
All new dash chrome, guages, clock, sterio, heater controls, wiring, ductwork, A/C, switches, bezels, you name it. The steering column was completely tore apart and rebuilt with all new parts. The speedometer reads 0 miles.  
A view of the dash from the right. New clock, sterieo, speakers, wiring, all new switches, etc.  
The engine compartment got alot of attention to detail. All metal panels were sealed with strip caulk before assembly to prevent paint from rubbing from road vibration. All bolts have had a rubber gasket made to prevent paint cracking while assembling the car. This car should be a quiet ride. 
Another look at the engine compartment. 
Another look at the flames. 

Look at the flame pictures and you will see that they match perfectly side to side. The hood is the same way.

All the chrome on the whole car was either replaced or sent off and rechromed. The bumper brackets were all powdercoated.  
A look down the right 1/4 panel to give you an idea of how strit and shinny this car is. 
A look down the left 1/4 panel will give you a good idea of how shinny and strait this car is. 
The left door. New handles, locks, rebuilt wing windows. New tinted glass, rebuilt regulators, new glass channels, new fur channels, new weatherstrips. New mirrors. New stainless steel bolts and screws.  
The right door. All new stuff same as the left door.  
This is a look down the right side from the rear. You can see how shinny it is. Pretty strait too. These are the original 1/4 panels on this car.  
The back of the car. All new bumper , brackets, seals weatherstrips, tailights, emblem, backup lights, license light, new everything. All new bolts and screws throughout the car.  
This is a look down the left side from the rear. It shows the shine and how strait it is.  
This shows how shinny the roof is. Again, this is where all that blocking pays off.  
Like glass.  

The new air conditioning. This took some fabrication to make this compressor fit. All the mounting brackets were hand made.

The original style power brake setup was used. We had to hand fabricate the petal brackets under the dash. That was missing and you just can't buy that stuff. 
We installed power antennas in both 1/4 panels. They had to be very short to fit in the whelltub area. These antennas are out of a Mazda Miata. We hand fabricated the brackets and access doors inside the trunk opening. It is all sealed with hand built rubber gaskets. 
This is a view of the left antenna access door that was fabricated for the power antennas that were custom fit to the 1/4 panels. 
The right power antenna access door inside the trunk. 
The original dealership logo was put back on the car. This car was originally sold at Hawkeye Chevrolet in Newton Iowa. 
The aircleaner. 
The powerglide tranny was all rebuilt as well as the engine front suspension and steering.  
This is the frame and drivetrain under Lucille. The frame and all suspension parts were powdercoated. The original engine with the original dual carb setup was used as well as the original powerglide tranny. Of course everything was all rebuilt. Dave, the owner, done all this himself.  
Here Eric is pinstriping the aircleaner.  
Eric is laying out the pinstripes on the hood.Anyone needing pinstripes feel free to get in touch with me and I will get you hooked up with Eric.  

This was Lucille when it arrived at Herron Custom Paint.

 There were a few small dents and slight creases in the doors but overall very good parts. Only slight rust to the inner jam, no rust on the outer shells.  

Some in progress pictures. First the car was sandblasted then all the rust was repaired. This is the floor on the bottom of the car after sandblasting. Every inch of this car was stripped to bare metal.

The bottom of Lucille after all rust was repaired. New floors, inner and outer rockers, floor supports, wheeltub repair. It has been primed and new seamsealer put on.  
The left 1/4 panel and rocker are ready to prime. There was great attention paid to the wheelwell lips. Patch panels are not shaped right in this area. We reshaped these to be like factory. Look close at the wheelwells at your next car show.  

Like I said every inch of this car was stripped to bare metal. Her the firewall is bodyworked up and ready to prime.


After all the welding was done it was time to start bodywork. The original 1/4 panels were straitened on this car. Some rust repair had to be done in the front lower section of each 1/4 pnl.


The roof was stripped, bodyworked and is ready to prime. All the old seamsealer was removed and replaced new on the driprails and all other places on the car.


The roof, firewall and all the inside were painted and polished while on the roticery. Then it was put back on the frame.


This is the power brake assembly that had to be fabricated for Lucille. Sometimes in restoring these cars you run into parts that are not available. When that happens the only solution it to build them.

The fenders are masked to paint. Notice how it is masked all the way to the floor and taped down. I go to great lengths to prevent overspray from getting on the bottom of the car. There will be no tape lines in the jams by doing these with the doors off.  
The roof and firewall have been sprayed with Dupont Chroma Premier Sealer. The whole car got this done before paint. I done the whole inside of the car and the roof while it was on the roticery. That beats the heck out of trying to lean over that big roof.  
I am wetsanding the roof with 2500 grit paper on a paint stick. After this it will be polished.Now you can see why I wanted to do the roof while it was on the roticery. Can you imagine laying over that big roof with a polisher in you hand?  
All new stainless steel bolts and washers were used. Strip caulk was put around each hole between panels to prevent the paint from smashing and to keep water out.  
The left 1/4 panel is painted. The 1/4 panels got the same as the roof. Six coats of the base color and six coats of clear. This was all done after the roof when the car was back on the frame. Notice the jams were done with the 1/4's. No tape lines that way.  
The hood, doors and trunk were painted off the car. Then the trunk was polished and put on. The hood and doors were wetsanded with 1000 grit for flames.  
The flames have been laid out on the right half of the hood. Notice the centerline tape. This is so I can make a pattern for the other side. The flames on this car will be symmetrical.  
This is the flame layout on the right side of the car. I use 1/8 inch blue fine line tape to do this. It takes alot of it too. Now a patern will be made off the right side to make the left side the same.  
The car is back in the booth and the main body has been masked. It is now ready to start laying out the flames.Once the flames are painted the doors and hood will come back off and all the pieces will be clearcoated seperately.   
The flames are masked up and now they will all be wiped down with Dupont 3939 to remove any tape glue residue and finger prints. Then all the flames will be carefully scuffed with a red 3M scotchbrite pad. Then blow it off, wipe it down again, tack it and paint it.  
The flames on the left side are masked. If I did my homework right they should match the right side pefectly. Several miles of tape were used on this car. 
The right side flames are masked. This takes alot of tape. 
The doors and hood are off the car. They are ready to clear, so are the fenders.After clearcoat they will be wetblocked with 1000 grit to remove tape lines. Then the car will be put back together for pinstripes. Then it will be taken back apart to be clearcoated again.  
The hood has been recleared after pinstriping. It has been blocked with 1500 grit wet. Then it was blocked with 2500 grit wet. Then polished with three different stages of compound. Now a whole lot of putting together.  
There are tons of things that went on during the in progress portion of this job that are not even mentioned here. If you followed along during the 11 months it took to do "Lucille" you would have seen alot more of what it takes to do a restoration of this nature. Thanks for looking.  
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