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Herron Custom Paint

Our part is pretty much finished so I will post in on here. The car still needs the new tires and wheels and interior. Once that is done I will update the pictures. This is Jacks 1940 Buick. Its painted in Dupont Hot Hues Green Extreme with Chromapremier Clear. 
This was our biggest project to date. It took over 2 years to complete. Extensive rust repair and body mods went into this car. We moulded sidepipes into the body, built the rear rollpan, extended drip rails, radioused the doors and jams, reshaped the wheelopenings, and more. 
The rear fenders were welded on, front fenders reshaped to fit sidepipes, custom built cowl, firewall and hood hinges. The two piece hood was made into a one piece and now opens at the rear instead of the piano hinge style down the center. The handles and locks were shaved. The trunk was shaved and reshaped. 
The entire bottom structure of the car, the trunk floor, wheeltubs, doors, 1/4 panels, rear body was badly rusted and all rebuilt. The frame was completely rebuilt and powdercoated. All the sheetmetal parts had to be hand fabricated.  
We custom built inner fenders and cover plates for the engine compatment. We done this car so that all the bolts except the hood hinges can not be seen. The wiring is hidden as well. The car was painted in pieces, sanded, polished and then assembled. 
Its powered by a basically stock 350 with a turbo 350 transmission. It has a Nova subframe with tubular control arms.  
An overhead view. 
We took the original dash and customised it. We built a center console and fit 1966 Ford T Bird front and rear seats in the car. The upholstery is not done yet.  
The 66 T Bird wrap around back seat that was fit into the 40 Buick. 
A look at the custom built console and the T Bird front seats. This will look alot Different after the upholstery is done. 
The grill is still at the chrome shop and can not be installed until the air conditioning lines are custom built and installed on the condensor. 
The hood originally opened from each side with a piano hinge down the center. We rebuilt the entire cowl and firewall in order to make this all work. Hinges were custom made as well. 
This is the bottom of the now one piece hood. The center hinge is gone and all new inner structure was fabricated in order for it to open from the rear.  

Once the grill is in you will see the custom made center grill bar that will be pulled in order to open the hood. we used Chevelle hood latches and strikers. Alot of Camaro and Chevelle parts were used in this build.

The entire rear part of the car was hand fabricated and reshaped. 
It took 7 coats of color to paint this car. This green is very transparrent. Once all the individiual pieces were all green everything got 3 coats of Dupont Chromapremier clear. Then it was all sanded and polished before the car was assembled. 
Its gonna be a cool ride once its completely finished. We started this build on September 17th 2008 and it was ready to leave for upholstery on November 5th 2010.   

I will leave this one on the In Progress page of our website for a while so you can take a look at what went into this build. There is just too much to try to explain here.

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