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Well there it is. Sam is going to get the new dash and lights and put that in himself. The interior still needs finished. Tires, wheels, lights, small stuff yet but he is going to take care of that. 
Well where do I begin? If you followed the build on this car on the in progress page you would see that we literally brought this one back from the grave. RUST RUST AND MORE RUST. Not anymore!! 
Well if we would have removed everything that was replaced on this car when we started at one time the roof would have fell on the floor. The only thing that has not been replaced is the roof, rear package tray, part of the firewall and cowl. 
New 1/4 panels, inner & outer wheeltubs, complete floorpans, trunk floor, inner & outer rear body pnl,frame rail rear rt & lf, frame rails front rt & lf  (Those we had to fabricate. They can not be bought.) inner & outer rockers, doors, hinges, fenders, fender wheeltubs, hood, trunk, dash, firewall section, door pillar section, part of the header, lower fender extesions, frt valance and countless fabricated pieces. 
The upper dash and cowl was replaced. Sam is going to replace some of the chrome struff as he gets it. This car was tore completely apart. Every bolt and screw was replaced. It spent several months on the roticery getting all cut apart and welded back together. 
Sam totally rebuilt the front subframe and done the engine and tranny. Then he brought that back to us to install after the firewal was painted. It has a nice running 350 in it. Me has pland to replace the original powerglide tranny down the road. 
A complete floor pan from Classic Industries was welded in. Of course we had to replace everything that the floorpan welds to. Sam really spared no expense on this car. He restored this car right. It is really a sight to see in person.Especially if you saw how it started out. 
A new cowl hood and complete new front sheetmetal. And some really shinny black base coat clear coat paint.This car was all done in Dupont products. Dupont primers, sealers, Chromabase paint, Chromapremier clear. 
All new door weatherstrips, felts, seals, outer handles. We cleaned up the glass and regulators. The hinges were completely rebuilt.After all the welding was done on the car the welded areas were all sandblasted and the bodywork began. Lots of blocking to make this car perfectly strait. 
This is a view down the left side from the front fender. This car has been sanded and polished to a glass finish. There is not a ripple or wave in the bodywork anywhere. Thats the way it should be. Attention to detail in the bodywork stages is where the end result comes from. 
Look for this car at car shows in the St Louis area in the spring and summer of 2008.  

A view down the left 1/4 pnl. All that blocking really paid off! The parts were all new but they still needed quite a bit of work to make them this strait. Eack time this car was sanded it was with a block or paint stick. Even the wetsanding and colorsanding was blocked. Then a 4 stage polishing process.

We started this car on December 5th 2005 and worked on it until August 11th 2006. Then it sat in limbo until we got the engine and subframe back on August 3rd of 2007. We delivered the car on November 9th 2007. So it seems like a 2 year project but it sat for 1 year of that. So really it took about a year to totally restore. 
The roof is really about the only thing that was not replaced. It had rust around the windshield and back glass openings.  
A new windshield and chrome was installed. Sam had us put the original back glass back in.  
When Sam gets it completely finished up I will update this with some new photos.  
All new seals and weatherstrips in this door too. All new seamsealer throughout the entire car. Bodyshutz was sprayed on the whole bottom of the car and on the inner floorboards. The trunk floor got spatter paint. 
A look down the right side from the front fender. Strait as a pin! 
There is just something about a strait and polished black car. They are hard to keep clean but they sure are something to look at. Oh yea none of those pesky swirl marks you see in black either. We just can't have that! 
A complete new trunk floor. 
New trunk and spoiler, rear body panel, gas tank, etc. 
A look down the right 1/4 panel.  
The bodywork on this car is some of the best we have done. We really wanted this one to be as near perfect as possible. I think we accomplished our goal. 
The back. We do not have the new tailights yet. 
I will show some of the in progress photos on here too so you can get an idea of what it takes to restore a car that was as rusty as this one. Of couse I can not put them all on here so I will just touch on some of the basic ones. 

Kinda sad to see it leave. It has been a real conversation piece around the shop. People that look at it say " Is that the one that was all rusted away?"

And there it goes back to St Louis. This restoration project took a total of 822.5 actual labor hours worked. Thats not too bad to completely restore a car that was in as bad a shape as this one was. 
This was Sam's car when we got it. I will show some of the more interesting In Progress photos of the rebuilding of this car.  

Before Sam's Camaro was this color it was red for a while. Before that it was the original color. That was blue.


I really got to hand it to Sam. He bit off a really big restoration project here and stuck with it all the way through and got one hell of a nice looking car in the end.


This Camaro spent alot of time on salt covered winter roads. It is very rusty. That means a complete teardown.

I just finished removing the subframe with the engine and tranny.  
This was the right rear frame rail. This is the front part by where the spring mounts. This car will got frame rails right and left. The rear section we bought. The front section they do not make. We fabricated the front rail sections.  
The right rear frame rail. This car will get complete frame rails and floors, inner and outer rockers, tubs and 1/4 panels  
This shows the rust on the doors. Both doors were like this. They were replaced.  
This was the right inner wheeltub. All the tubs inner and outer will be replaced.  
This was the rust on the right side of the dash behind the windshield. The upper dash piece was bought and welded in. We had to fabricate the rusted metal behind it.  
This was the left rocker. Someone had stuffed the rockers with sprayfoam and then bondoed over that.  
This was the rusted left rear frame rail.  
This was the left front part of the rear frame rail. This is close to where the spring mounts. The frame rails, and springs were completely replaced.  
This is the front lower right door post. All this was cut out and new pieces made to repair it. Both sides were like this. The dash, cowl, and firewall all had rust issues.  
This is what the right rear floor below the rear seat looked like when we got the car.  
Repairing the rust on the firewall by the wiper motor access hole.  
Here is the windshield area after the rusted dash and the rusted metal behind it was removed. There will be some fabrication involved here before the new dash can be welded in.  
The front floor has been cut out. These braces were welded in to hold the car in shape.  
We have a complete new floor pan for this car. There will be some fabrication work on the inner rockers and front floors before we can put it in though.  
This is the right rear inner rocker with the rust cut out. All this same rust will have to be repaired on the left inner rocker also. Then the floorpan can go in.  
The new front floor pan is welded in.  
The trunk floor and the inner and outer wheeltubs have been removed. This is the left side.  
The inner and outer wheeltubs have been removed on the right side.  
The new dash is welded in.  
The left outer wheeltub has been welded in place. Now the left inner wheeltub is getting fitted and is about to be welded in.  
The right outer wheeltub has been welded in. Now the right inner wheeltub is getting fitted to weld.  
The trunk floor and rear body panel have been cut off. The wheeltubs are in. Now you see why we welded in all those support braces. This gives acess to install the frame rails and trunk floor.  
Tom is grinding on the new right frame rail he is building. This guy can build anything.  

The trunk and rear rails are fitted. Now we have to fabricate the front half of the frame rails. You can not buy those and the original ones were too rusty to repair. Templates are being made here. This will be some work.

Here are the door hinges. We got all new parts for them. New pins, bushings, springs, roller wheel and arms.  
The new springs are bolted to the new rear rails. Now alot of careful measuring to make sure the rear end is going to be in the right place and it will be time to weld.  
This is the new forward frame rail for the right side. It has all been hand fabricated since you can not buy these. It is not welded in the car yet.  
The frame rails and trunk floor are welded in. Those sections in the front are the frame rails we fabricated. The rear frame sections we were able to buy.  
The left rocker has been cut off.  
The rust on the rt inner dogleg behind the 1/4 is welded up.  
The new right rocker panel is getting fitted.  
The left 1/4 is off. The new trunk floor extension has been welded in.  
The left inner 1/4 structure has been variprimed and brushable seamsealer has been put on all the seams that will not be accessable after the 1/4 is welded on. This same thing has been done on the right side of the car.  
The right 1/4 panel is fitted and welded in a few places. It has to be welded the rest of the way and then all the welds will be ground down.  
The rear body panel is about to be fitted.  
The left 1/4 is on and fitted. It still has to be welded the rest of the way.  
This is what the bottom of the car looks like now. All new floors front to rear. New wheeltubs, frame rails complete, inner and outer rockers. It is all welded, ground , and ready to sandblast.  
It is a complete car again. All that nasty rust has been removed. Its ready to get sandblasted now.  
The right front post has been welded and ground.  
The bottom of the car is sandblasted.  
The inside rear package tray area after sandblasting.  
All the welds were sandblasted.  
The left cowl area after sandblasting.  
Seamsealer is being applied to all the welded areas and seams inside the car and undernieth the car.  
The bodywork on the roof.  
Sanding down the dash and working on the 1/4 panel.  
The right side is ready to prime.  
The right side after primer. The dash, firewall, inside and out of the car is in primer now.  
The entire body has been blocked and is ready to reprime.  
The right door is ready for primer.  
The left door is ready for primer. These are new doors. There was some bodywork that had to be done to remove the waves in the metal from stamping. That is common on aftermarket parts. All in all very good parts though.  
The trunk lid is ready for primer.  
The blocking and repriming on the body is done. It is ready for the paint shop other than the rear body panel and part of the firewall which will be done after the car is off the roticery.  
The bottom of the car was sprayed with 3M Body Shutz. This is a look from the front.  
The floor was sprayed with Bodyshutz.  
The firewall is painted. Now the subframe and engine can go in and it will be a rolling car again.  
It doesn't run yet. It stops though and thats a good thing cause we are about to roll it down the hill to the paint booth.  
The front subframe is back under the car and bolted in. Fuel and brake lines are being routed.  
The inside of the car is painted.  
Bodyworking the left fender. Just because they are new does not mean they are ready for paint.  
The cowl hood fit good. It has some waves in the metal though. It has to have a skim coat of filler to straiten it out.  
The right fender is getting bodyworked. The new hood has been fitted.  
I really mask these show cars up completely, wheeltubs, inside and all the way to the floor. It really helps in keeping dirt and overspray down.  
Lets spray some paint.  
Thats me wetblocking on the 1/4 panel. Wetsanding seems easy but there is an art to doing it right. This is where you get that perfectly strait finish right here!  
The trunk, hood, and doors are jammed in.  
There it is 5 coats black and 3 coats of clear.  
It turned out awsome! It is strait as a string not a ripple or wave in the bodywork anywhere! Thats what proper bodywork and paint prep will get you.  
I am wetblocking the body with 1500 grit on a paintstick. When its blocked out with that I will do it again with 2500 grit. Then it will be ready to polish.  
There it is sanded and washed. Now its time to start polishing.  
I will be using 3 different compunds with the polisher. Each one is a little finer than the other.  
Yes here at HCP we polish the bottom of the rockers. That keeps the judges with their little mirrors on a stick in their place.  
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