Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

This car took a total of 98 hours to complete from start to finish. It got a new hood, bumpers, rocker side skirts, rear wing, and custom paint. 
We painted all but the roof and trunk lid on this car. There was alot of fabrication and fiberglass work in getting the bumpers and ground affects to fit right. Thgere was some minor bodywork and light rust repair to the 1/4 panels. 
Adam's Honda. This shows the graffics on the lefdt side front half of the car.  
Adam's Honda left side . New hood, bumpers,side skirts, and wing.  
Adam's honda left side view of graffics.  
The graffics on the left front of Adam's Honda.  
This shows some of the graffics on the left rear of the Honda. Still waiting on wheels.  
The new Honda hood.  
The graffics on the Honda hood.  
Some of the graffics on the Honda.  
Adam's Honda right side. Still waiting on the tires and wheels.  
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