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Bill's 77 Mustang Cobra II is done. This was a repaint from the pinchwelds out. It was taken completely apart, stripped, rusted metal was replaced, bodyworked and painted. 
The car was done in all Dupont products. Variprime and Urethane primers. Chromabase sealer was used.The red paint is Dupont Chromabase M5580K Colorado Red. The Clear is Dupont Hot Hues 5100. The stripes were done in Chroma one B9444G Performance White.  
The original hood, hatch fenders, doors & spoilers were used. The 1/4 panels were replaced. The wheeltubs were fabricated. The bumpers are aftermarket skins. We fabricated the reinforcements. 
The car was dissasembled and the rust repaired in the engine bay. It was then painted and the engine put back in.  
All parts were stripped. The jams were stripped. Sandblasting was done where needed. Rust was cut out and new metal was welded in. Then bodywork , priming and blocking. 
Once the car was ready for paint all the jams were painted first. Then the car was put back together for final paint. 
Once the car was ready for paint it was all wetblocked with 400 grit. Then hand sanded wet with 400 grit, washed, dried, and masked. 

After it was masked up the whole car was sprayed with Chromapremier sealer. Then it got 4 coats of red chromabase. Then 3 coats of Hot Hues 5100 clear.

After buffing it was time for Cobra decals and the stripes. Bill wanted to paint the stripes on after the car was cleared and not clear over them to burry the tape edge. This way doing the stripes is alot cheaper than reclearing the entire car.  
The clear was left to cure for a week. Then it was wetblocked with 1500 and then hand sanded with 2500 grit. Then polished with compound, then with swirl remover, then with glaze. then by hand. 
After some careful measurements and alot of taping the stripes were painted in Chroma-one. Base clear would not be a good choice for doing stripes this way. You would have an edge at the tape with no clear on it. It would be difficult to polish the stripes too. 
This job took 491 hours from start to finish. 
The interior is original except for new carpet and a new headliner. 

This is how it looked when we got it. The car was white originally with black stripes. Then it was blue. Now its red.


Some of the in progress pictures of the car.

Stripping the engine compartment.  
The engine compartment, firewall and radiator support are painted. Its readt to get the engine and tranny back in.  
The roof has been stripped. The dents were pulled out and now it is getting the bodywork done.  
Doing the bodywork on the fenders.  
Bodyworking the hood after it has been stripped to bare metal.  

Both wheeltubs were rusted out. The inner tubs had some rust as well as the rear frame rails. All that was repaired before the 1/4 pnls were welded on.

The body is masked to prime.  
The jams have been wetsanded and are masked off to paint.  

The inside of the hatch, both doors, and bottom of hood as well as the hood hinges and assembly bolts have been sealed, based, and cleared. They are ready to go back on the car.

The car has been wetblocked with 400 grit, then hand sanded with 400 grit, washewd, dryed, and masked. Now its time to paint.  
The bare metal spots will be variprimed. Then the car will be wiped down with pre-cleaner, tacked and sprayed with sealer. Then 4 coats of base and three coats of clear.  
There is is. Its red! It turned out great. A little polish now and it will be time for some reassembly and some stripes.  
The stripes are masked.  
Its time to put it together.  
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