Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

Doug's Factory Five Cobra.  
The side view. 
The front view. 
The rear view. This will probably be what you will most often see as he blows by you. 
This is one fast car. Doug is not afraid to get on it either. He had it sideways in front of the shop when he first dropped it off to be painted. 
This job was done with all Dupont products. It has Hot Hues 5100 clear on it. The white is Dupont Chromabase N7908 and the blue is Dupont Chromabase BS211. We had 147 hours in this job.  
This is a Factory Five Cobra kit car. The owner built it himself. We just done the bodywork and paint. He is going to put it together. 

This is how it looked when we got it.


The doors were adjusted and aligned. Now they are marked to be trimmed down to fit. Once they are trimmed the edges will be slightly rounded. The sam had to be done with the hood and trunk.

The body has been removed from the frame. Now the lower half can be block sanded and bodyworked. The wheeltubs will be shaped. The header openings will be shaped. All holes will be shaped. Then it will be put back on the frame for final test fit.  
After the fiberglass was hand blocked with 80 grit to remove the waves the bodywork begins. All the mould flashing had to be bodyworkd. The edges and wheeltubs all had to be worked too.  
The hood was blocked down and needed some bodywork done.  
The car body is fiberglass. There are waves in the entire body so it will all get hand blocked with 80 grit before any bodywork is done. That is what I am doing here. This will help to remove those waves.  
The body has been primed. It has been sprayed with guide coat after priming. This will help to show any imperfections when the primer is getting blocked.  

The body is ready to paint.

The stripes are masked off. Now it is time to spray the white on it. The blue that is showing will get sanded first. Then it gets wiped down, blowed and tacked, then sprayed white.  
The body was cleared with four coats of Dupont Hot Hues 5100 clear.  
Here the stripes have been wetblocked with 1500 grit sandpaper. This is to level out the tape lines from masking. I just hate it when you can feel those tape edges. It will get sanded with 2500 next then polished.  
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