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Herron Custom Paint

This car is featured in the Dupont Hot Hues calendar May 2007. 
The Dupont Hot Hues sponsered Mustang drag car. This paint job was selected as a grand prize winner in the Dupont Hot Hues Award Competition  and will be featured on the 2007 Dupont Hot Hues Calendar. You will be able to read about in Dupont "Refinisher News".  
Rusty steel panels and rivits. I should have counted the rivits!  
Here is a closer view of the rust and rivits on the steel panels. 
This is the left fender. 
This is a view of the top rear part of the hood. 
This is a closer view of the center of the hood. 
Notice how the left side flames match the right side perfectly. Again its this attention to detail that sets us apart from other shops. 
This is the right side flames. 
This is a view of the hood. Ripped metal, steel panels with rust and rivits.  
Torn metal, rusted steel panels and rivits. 

Another view of the torn metal, steel panels and rivits.

The right fender. 
Another view of the torn metal. 
The engine and tranny are not in yet. We decided to show it anyway. When this car came in it was in factory sealer. The firewall, inner fender aprons and all the jams were painted as well as the outside. 
All the airbrush work on the front was laid out after the inital color was sprayed. Then it was taken back apart and cleared. There was a total of 224 hours in this job from start to finish. 
The car was a shell with the rool cage welded in. We clearcoated the cage.The inside of the doors, under the hood, inside the fenders and the bottom of the car were all painted first. There was some minor bodywork but nothing major. Its a new car. 
Some pictures that were taken in St Louis at the Dupont Hot Hues photo shoot. They spent several hours shooting this car. It was pretty interesting to watch. 
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