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Herron Custom Paint

This is the Herron Custom Paint show car. It won Best in Class at World of Wheels in K.C. Mo. in 2007. It won the 2007 ISCA Street Achievement award for Best Paint.  
This car was sanded and polished to a glass finish. As you can see its very shinny.  
This car was completely dissasembled and restored. I had over 800 hours in the restoration and paint work. That does not count the mechanical stuff. Its good to have friends that are mechanics! Thanks guys. 
The right deamon bitch. Pamela Anderson's 1997 Playboy calander photo was the model for these . Just in case she looks a little familiar in an evil sort of way.  
The whole car was painted black and cleared. The parts that were not airbrushed were then sanded and polished to a glass finish. All areas that were getting airbrushed were wetsanded with 1000 grit, airbrushed and cleared again. Then sanded and polished like glass.  
The reaper is holding a ball of fire that has a burning face in it. Faces and burning eyes are in the fire in the background.  
The deamon bitches on the hood scoop . This is the left one.  
All of the original body panels were reused. This was a solid car. I had to replace some small areas of the floor pan on the right rear and on the left dront but that was it. The car has been stripped and sandblasted inside and out. 
This car also won at the 07 Super Chevy Show in K.C Mo. It won first at the World Street Challenge in St Louis in 2008. It has won several local shows including best paint, best graffics, best of show and peoples choice. 
Dupont Variprime, Uro primer, Chromapremier sealer, black, yellow, silver, blue, orange, red and white chromabase colors were used.. House of Kolor tangerine, apple red, violet, pagen gold, and cobalt blue kandys were used. Tons of Dupont Hot Hues 5100 clear. 
The fire comes out of the fender cutouts and goes back into the doors on both sides.  
The bottom of the doors and fenders is a pile of burning bones and skulls.  
The real fire down the sides is filled with burning deamon skulls hidden in the flames.  
A bad ass Grim Reaper is the main focal point of the hood scoop.  
The hood scoop is the main centerpiece of this paint job. The was 28 hours of airbrush work in the scoop alone.  
The center of the front bumper is filled with burning skulls that go into deamon filled real fire on the hood.  
The left front corner. 
The skulls and fire match side to side. 
The right mirror.  
The left front corner. There are over 250 skulls hidden in this artwork.  
The left mirror.  
The moon above the reaper has three skull faces in it with burning eyes in the fire around it.  
The reaper face on the hood scoop.  
The burning face in the fire coming out of the reapers hand. Check out the detail in the blade.  
The hood. This car is just as nice undernieth. All the suspension parts and subframe have been powdercoated. The radiator support and inner wheeltubs have been powdercoated.  
Crosses were rivited to the tops of the bumper on each side. Well they look like they are rivited. Thats whats cool about the airbrush.  
A close look at some of the skulls  
The skull on top of the left headlight opening.  
The burning tounge skull on each side of the front fender behind the headlight.  
The burning tounge skull on the right fender.  
Some skulls on the right fender.  
A closer look at some of the skulls on the top of the front bumper.  
The left mirror. This is what the first guy that puts a scratch in this car is going to end up looking like.  
The doors got all new window felt and channels. The window regulators were cleaned and painted. New power window motors were installed. The hinges rebuilt. All new weatherstrips throughout the whole car.  
The right side of the dash.  
The left side of the dash. This can be seen when looking through the windshield from outside the car.  
A closer look at some of the fire. Pictures just do not show the depth and true color of these flames. It should really be seen in person.  
There are skulls hidden in the fire throughout the whole car.  
An overhead view of the hood.  
Some shots of the hood scoop.  
I brought the fire out of the right headlight opening.  
I brought the fire out of the left headlight opening.  
The burning tounge skull.  
Here you can see why it had to be tubbed. Some pretty big tires have been shoved under the back. This car has a 4wheel dual piston billet disk brake system too. 
The overhead view  
The front tires are BF Goodrich G- Force Sport 235/40 ZR 17 on American racing Torque Thrust II wheels. The rear is BF Goodrich G Force TA Drag radial P315/35R17 on American racing Torque Thrust II wheels. SSBC Force ten 4 wheel disk brakes. 
The 9 in ford housing was chromed. Stainless brake and fuel lines were used throughout the car. 4 Wheel disk brakes with slotted rotors and an adjustable rear proportioning block stops the car.  
A narrowed ford 9 in. rear end 3.73 gears and a positrac was added. Of course the whole rear end housing was sent off and chromed.  
A view down the right 1/4 panel.  
A look at the engine compartment.A complete new bolt and clip kit was ordered for this car. It was completely rewired with a wiring harness from American Autowire.   
Another look at the engine. The power brake booster and master cylinder are chrome also.  
A 500 horse small block. This is one bad ass engine. Alum. heads, billet pulleys, alternator, power steering pump, A/C compressor. Ceramic coated headers. The tranny behind it is a turbo 350 with shift kit and stall conv.  
A view down the left 1/4 panel to show how strait and shinny this car is  
The headliner was replaced. 
The original Z28 door panels were used. 
The original dash was reused.  
The interior remained stock other than narrowing the back seat frame and rewrapping it with the original material.  
Tha narrowed back seat. 
This car drives great and has plenty of power when you want it.  Yea fuel mileage is not that great but sacrifices have to be made for horsepower.  
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