Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

This car got full 1/4s on both sides, complete frame rails,  inner and outer wheeltubs, trunk floor, drop offs, rear body panels inner and outer, both rockers,  Rt and Lf door shell rust repair and a door skin, dash inner rust repair and upper dash replacement.  

We also do cars in stages for people. Joel brought us this car already cut apart, blasted, and epoxied and wanted us to weld it back together and put it back in epoxy. He is finishing it up from there.

This was Joel's 67 Camaro when it got here. He had already had it blasted and epoxied. He had drilled out hundreds of spotwelds and taken it most of the way apart already himself. He brought us all the sheetmetal to get it back together.  

All Joel wanted us to do was finish the teardown and fit and weld all the new sheetmetal back together on the car. Once the welding was all done we got the car back in epoxy for him.

The car will be getting new frame rails, trunk floor, inner and outer tubs, rear body panels, at least one rocker and one door skin, both 1/4 panels, and some repairs to the inner structure here and there.  
Fitting the rear frame rails.  
This car has been wrecked pretty hard in the back. There are alot of buckles on the inner 1/4 structure on both sides. here we are pulling the left structure down and working out the buckles so the wheeltub can be fit.  
Fitting the wheeltubs and trunk floor. Since this car has been wrecked and had alot of inner structure damage that we pulled out and most of the parts are aftermarket we will fit it all together before we start welding.  
It all fits and is ready to weld together.  
The right 1/4 and rocker have been welded on. The welds have all been ground smooth and the panels sanded with 180 grit. They were then gone over with a 3M scotchbrite pad.  

Once all the welding was done and everything was prepped it was sprayed with epoxy inside and out.

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