Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint


This is it. Mike is going to put it together himself. I will get updated pictures when he finishes it.


The car was done in all Dupont products. The color is a 02 Ford color. Dupont M2470 light blue pearl met. with Hot Hues 5100 clear.

This car has alot of the I.D. tags written in German. The bolts are metric with some standard. There is a history here that would be interesting to know more about.  
This was not a restoration project or was it a show car project. This was a repaint from the pinchwelds out. Minor rust repair to the floors. It was stripped to bare metal, bodyworked and painted. There was a total of 440 hours in this job.  
Mike brought us this car partially tore down. He removed the bumpers, most of the chrome, the misc. bolt on items. He is going to put it back together. If you do not mind working on cars, you can save a ton of cash by doing these things yourself.  

This car was originally black. It had 3 paintjobs on it after the original one when we got it. It had a hard life up to now.


This is what it looked like when we got it. It has been wrecked several times and repainted at least 3 times.


When the car was finally stripped the rust was cut out and repaired. New inner and outer rockers were welded on and the bodywork began.


Still stripping.


Stripping all the old paint and body filler was a job. There were tears and holes in the metal that were brassed. It had a rough life.


There was alot of stretched metal on this car. Heat shrinking came in to play alot.


Both rockers were replaced. The inner rockers were repaired. Rust in various places was cut out and new metal welded in. Then metal work began then bodywork began.


Once all the bodywork was done the car was sprayed in Variprime.


After the Dupont Variprime flashed off the body was sprayed with three coats of  Dupont Urethane primer. The the blocking and repriming began.


Once all the parts were ready it was time to finally start the painting. Then it was all polished.

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