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Herron Custom Paint

This is an unfinished project but I am putting it on here anyway. To see the build of this car go to the In Progress page of this website. 
We put a 3 in. chop in the top. Installed a chevy van roof, removed the body seams, reshaped the roof lines and drip rails, custom built a firewall and more. 
The roof out of a chevy van. The bodylines on the outer sides have been hand built and curve in to the visor. You can see this build step by step on the In Progress page of this website. 
There was alot of work in making the van roof lines go with this car. It came out great. If you know much about these cars you will see alot of subtle changes in the body besides the chop top. 
This car is not done. The body has been put in the first stage of primer. The fenders, running boards, and doors have not been bodyworked yet. They are in epoxy. 
This is going to look good with paint on it. 
The body still needs the primer blocked out and reprimed before it is ready for paint. The fenders, doors, and other pieces still need bodywork. Notice we removed the body seams. 
The owner wanted us to stop on it and mock it back up so he can take it to some street rod shows this summer. Then hopefully next fall we can get back on it. 
Thats Tom. He done most of the work on this car. It did not make it to the paint shop yet so I didn't have much of a hand in it. He does all the fabrication work, most of the bodywork. I handle the painting end and help out on the bodywork when I am not painting. 
Street rods are projects. This one is no exception you work on them a while, then you save up more money then you work on them a while. Thats the way it goes. 
Well look for it at shows in the central Mo. area this summer. Keep in mind it is a work in progress but to even the trained eye what has been done so far is pretty nice. 
This is what it looked like when we got it. It had a Pete and Jakes frame under it already. We chopped it 3" welded up all the bodyseams, put a chevy van roof in it, reshaped drip rails, relocated the dash, custom built a firewall and more.  

I am just going to show some of the more interesting in progress shots. All the sandblasting, welding, etc will not be shown.

The spray filler that we put on the body was blocked down on the entire car body, roof, sides, firewall back, cowl etc. Now the entire body is ready to spray with epoxy.  
All the bodywork has been done and its ready to prime.  
In primer.  
After the epoxy dried the entire body was sprayed with 3 coats of urethane primer.  

This entire firewall was custom built.


A van roof. The visor molded in. Drip rail ends molded in and lengthened. There were alot of body modifications that would go unoticed to anyone who is not familiar with these cars.

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