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Herron Custom Paint

This car was taken apart, stripped to bare metal and repainted black from the pinchwelds out. It was slightly wrecked in the front. It had been painted once before so all the jams were stripped also. 
The hood was replaced with a fiberglass one. Hood pins were installed. Alot of labor goes into trying to make these aftermarket parts fit and look decent. The company that manufactures them will not stand behind their product so what does that tell you? 
The front bumper, side fender panels ,rocker covers were replaced with aftermarket ground effect kits. The first kit was junk and ended up in the dumpster. The second kit was better but not of the greatest quality. So all you people looking at ground effect kits, BUYER BEWARE. 
The car is as strait as any Mustang I ever seen. No orange peal in the paint either. Alot of sanding and polishing goes into a black car, its a job to take care of too.  
The back with the new tailights, bumper and wing. This bumper was a nightmare to make fit. It was the only piece left out of the original ground effect kit that was salvaged. The car turned out great though even with the bad parts problems we had.  

The car was painted in all Dupont products. Variprime, Uro primer, Chromapremier sealer, Black Chromabase and alot of Hot Hues 5100 clear. Then there was a ton of hours spent sanding and polishing it out. The owner wanted a glass finish. He got it!

There was a total of 435 hours in this job from start to finish. Alot of that was spent on making the ground effects,and bumpers fit. The parts they send are full of air pockets, pin holes, bubbles, stress cracks, and they do not come close to fitting. I wont guarantee any ground effects that the manufacturer will not stand behind. 

This is what it looked like when we got it.


The doors and fenders were stripped, jams blasted, hinges rebuilt.Here its ready to prime.


Some of the in progress shots.


After stripping the entire body to bare meta. removing doors, fenders, hood, hatch and bumpers all visable rust was repaired. The car was trhen bodyworked and is ready to prime here.

The rear center bracket is glassed in and the bumper is test fitted. This is going to be a job to get this stuff to fit. The company would not take the stuff back. They say you get no guarantees on quality or fit. Let that be a lesson to anyone out there looking for ground effects.  
The body is masked and ready to paint.  
The body has been painted. It was sealed first. Then four coats of 99K black Chromabase was sprayed on. After the base it got five coats of Dupont Hot Hues 5100 clear. Now it will be sanded and polished to a glass finish.  
The fenders and doors have been painted.  
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