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This car had a build feature done on it in Popular Hot Rod while we were working on it. It went through extensive rust repair. The entire bottom was bodyworked and painted. All frame welds were smoothed prior to powdercoat. The poor economy stopped the build.

The impala has a tall deck big block chevy engine. We custom built the firewall. The entire bottom of the car was bodyworked and painted. The frame was smoothed and powdercoated 3 times gloss black. New Global West Suspension was installed.  
The custom built headers and exaust system were all made out of stainless steel. Ryan dropped 7K on that alone. He was not messing around. Had the economy held up this would have been one of the top show cars in the nation.  
The color is Chrysler PB5 Electric Blue. This is a look at the bottom of the car right after we painted it. I will show just a few of the in progress shots since we did not get to finish this one.  

This is what we started with. The build feature of this car was in the April 2009 issue of Popular Hot Rod. It came from another shop that was not doing the quality of work Ryan wanted. So he brought it to us. We wont get into that.

While the body was getting reworked, the frame welds were all rewelded and smoothed out with a fine grit grinding disk. Then it went to the powdercoat shop and got done, sanded down, done again, sanded down and powdercoated black and cleared. The frame was like glass then. 
To make a long story short we tore the car completely back down, then blasted and epoxied the body. Tons of rust repair later and the bottom is getting bodyworked. Yea I left alot out! 

Once all the rust was repaired and the bodywork done it was primed and blocked 3 times. The panels were all fit. the new firewall built and welded in and then it was off to the paint shop.

 Once in the paint shop the bottom of the car was wetsanded and masked for paint. I sprayed the bottom with 5 coats Dupont Chromabase activated with Chromapremier activator the cleared it with 2 coats Chromapremier clear.  

Once the bottom was painted it was taken off the roticery. The inside was painted. Then the jams and the cowl and firewall were painted. The firewall and dash was polished and then it was ready to go on the frame.


After we painted the new suspension pieces and the powdercoat was done ryan put the frame together while we worked on the body. Here the body is back on the frame.


Once the body was back on the frame Ryan took it home. He installed the engine and tranny. Once that was done he took it to Kelly Campbell to custom build the entire exaust system out of stainless steel.


Once the exaust system was built and fit in the car Ryan  removed it and brought us the pieces. We started the long process of polishing the stainless steel exaust system out. That is when the economy took a turn for the worse and the project stopped.

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