Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

This helmet was a new white helmet when we started on it. It was done in House of Color using white, black,silve, and cobalt blue kandy with Dupont Chromapremier clear. 
I done some cyborg type metal on the front and sides. It has exaust tubes on the top, air intake holes and a screen filter on the front. Metal panels rivited together.  
Casper is on the back pushing some pistons up and down. He is a ghost so the edges were done kinda fuzzy instead of sharp and crisp. 
This took 16 hours to complete. I had to take the helmet apart, sand it, base it in 2 different silvers and blue pearl on the back. Then cobalt blue candy was sprayed over the blue. Then a coat of intercoat clear and then airbrushed. 
The wing on the back was painted to look like a air plane flap that hinges up and down. Like an air brake with vent holes in the back. It has a steel support bracket to mount it to the helmet. 
Exhaust tubes go to the vents on the top of the helmet. Smokey exaust residue is coming out of those vents and trailing off the back of the helmet. 
This is what it looked like when I started on it. It has already been taken apart in this picture. 
 Here is a couple of in progresss shots of doing the helmet. The back of the helmet is going to have casper pushing some pistons up and down.  
Working on the sides.  

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