Herron Custom Paint Work in Progress Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

Photos of works in progress

This is "Kit Kat' a 1967 Cougar. This car has spent most of its life in Las Vegas . Rust does not appear to be a huge issue on it yet. It has been painted a few times but at this point it seems to be a very solid car. 
This car is a driver at this point. It is about to undergo major surgery. It will be completely taken apart and a full ground up rotisserie restoration will be done. Custom paint is likely to happen as well.  
The first step will be to disassemble the entire car. All parts will be bagged and marked. We take a lot of care in that. The time taken there will save hours on reassembly. 
Front bumper right side. this is how it should look. 
Removing interior and dash. We are finding that there is a lot of broken pieces and bad or missing parts a lot of screws are mismatched and wrong. 
Right 1/4 glass out. the same will be done on the left side. 
Right 1/4 glass regulator, tracks etc. 
Taking the right 1/4 glass and regulators out. The regulator is bent. This is supposed to be strait. 
The left door has been taken apart. 
The right door has been taken apart. 
Taking front apart.  

Broken dash parts

Front bumper bent back on left side. The chrome shop should be able to take care of this no problem. 
Taking the front apart. The headlights have some issues. This car has been hit on the left corner in the past. The bumper is bent there . 
Interior is coming out. There was a mouse nest in the back seat. There is a lot of wrong and mismatched bolts screws and fasteners from people working on this car over the years.  
The teardown has begun. Each piece will have bolts and fasteners marked and bagged for reassembly.  
Right drip rail chrome removed. The interior has to come out to remove the rest of the chrome. on the side. 
There are a lot of issues with the dash. there has been several people into this over the years and thinks are broke, screws are crossthreaded, holes stripped out etc. 
The hood, doors and trunk are coming off and going in our storage area for now. 
Heater box is badly broken. 
Heater box 
A lot of parts are coming out of the car. 
The left door is taken apart. 
These parts are going in our storage area for now. The headlight buckets are going to need a lot of attention down the road. 
Trunk interior and wiring removed 
The heater box is badly busted up. I have probably around 300  close up pictures of dash, under dash wiring, and interior stuff  etc. for reference pictures but there is no point in putting them on the website. They are to look at during reassembly. 
Its worse than we thought but still not as bad as most cars this age. Most cars would need the entire floor pan. This one should not need that. After sandblasting we will know more. 
Rusty floors 
The dash is coming apart. there is a lot of wiring and vacuum lines under here. the firewall is coming apart. I have tons of pictures in detail of all this for reassembly. I wont post all those. 
The floors are not as good as we had hoped. Wet carpet over the years and mouse pee has caused this. 
Unhooking things from the engine. Its not gonna be in here much longer. 
Dash and firewall are taken almost all the way apart.  
Interior coming out. The headliner stays until the glass is removed. 
All wiring removed from trunk area and across the bottom of the rear package tray. I have several pictures of how this all was routed too.  
The parts pile is growing. 

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