Herron Custom Paint Work in Progress Herron Custom Paint May 27, 2018   

Photos of works in progress

This is an under hood piece for a new Charger that is getting airbrushed. it has been trimmed to fit the car and epoxied and primed. 
This is the fuse box cover. I am trying something out here. I hope it works. There were raised jumper cable logos positive and negative on this. All that is going to be in the way of what I have to airbrush so I am removing them. 
The fuse box cover has been epoxied and primed. its going to have to be sanded and reprimed but all that raised jumper cable logo stuff is no more. 
The parts have all been block sanded and are ready to epoxy and reprime.  
Epoxy on them once this dries they will be reprimed and ready for the paint shop. 
Powder guide coat on parts and ready to wetsand for paint. 
sanded for paint 
fuse box cover sanded for paint 

purple base color same as the car body

purple base color 
Now it gets a little tricky. the spiderweb lace is getting lined up and stretched and the other pieces need to line up with the design on this piece as close as possible. 
Lace layed out and taped down. 
Lace layed out and ready to paint. 
over reduced black is sprayed over the lace. 
pretty cool huh? 
The lace was removed after spraying the black and 2 coats SG100 intercoat clear were sprayed on all the parts. Now they are ready to airbrush. 
I am going to do a Sugar Skull. I have never done one before. They are supposed to look hand painted and not perfect. that is a new twist on things for me.  
My first ever sugar skull. 
The rose and petals and stems have been drawn on Automask. This will get cut out with an exacto knife and each piece individually painted and the mask put back in and move to the next piece. 
Working on the rose 
The rose is done for now. time to work on petals and stems. 
The rose is covered back up so the petals can be done. 
petals and stems 
This piece is just about ready to clear. 
The banner and lettering stencils are here. I had these made so the letters would fit right. 
Letters done 
ready for clear 
Cleared. Next will be sand and polish and it will be done. 

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