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If Ironman had a jet plane this is what it would look like. This is the bottom. 
This is a 1/9 scale Radio Control McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. It is powered by a real jet engine and is capable of speeds of 200 miles per hour and above.  
The plane weighs 40 pounds at take off with 1.5 gallons of kerosene. After it burns off a bit of fuel its 36 pound thrust engine can push it vertically. It will burn a gallon of fuel in 6 minutes.  
Additional functions of the plane include 2 pneumatic systems that run retractable landing gear, sequenced gear doors, and disk brakes. Also it has a smoke system that can lay out a very thick smoke trail behind the aircraft.  
The plane was originally painted in an edwards Air Force Base test scheme, in white and orange. It was flown for 12 years like that. It was on the cover of Model Aviation in Nov. 2007.  
After about 700 flights over a twelve year period it was tore down and completely redone in the Ironman theme you see here.  
This entire job was done using Dupont products. Chromabase colors and Chromapremier clear. Lance, the plane owner and builder took it apart and brought it to us in pieces.  
The idea was to paint it in an Ironman theme from the movie. I put overlapping metal panels on it like the suit has in the movie and also added a mechanical design to it as well. After all it is a machine.  
Lance went all out. He put extremely bright lights on each wing tip, in the nose of the plane and one large on on the engine cover. These are exact replicas of the lights in Ironmans suit.  
The Ironman character even sits in the cocpit which has a fully digital dash. The Ironman characters light in his suit even lights up.  

I am just going to post alot of pictures of this. It has stuff going on on the entire plane and you can not get it all in on just a couple photos. I will put some pictures at the end of what it used to look like.

I decided to put some gears on each wing. Why? Well Ironmans plane is a machine so it needs mechanical things. and gears are just plain cool.  

I made the jets look like real metal with heat distortion and color changes that happen when metal gets extremely hot.

The top and bottom of the plane have air intake and exaust vents along with air cleaners, filter, plumbing and various metal panel shapes all airbrushed in.  
Doing the tail was a challenge. I had to do that same design 4 times. Its on the inside and outside of each tail piece.  
I had a total of 91.75 hours in this job start to finish.  
This is what it used to look like.  
 Before teardown and repainting, Lance fired it up for us so we could see just how powerful this thing is. Its pretty awsome. It blew gravel 20 feet behind it and the rocks were burnt! This is not your average model plane!!!!! 
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