Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 27, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

This is a hood for a mini pulling tractor. 
I done a grim reaper with some old buildings and a flying demon in the background. 
I put the lettering on the sides with some knife edges on the letters. 
A close look at the demon. 
A closeup of the scicle and buildings. 
The letters were done in Alsa Ghost Chrome with some cobalt blue and black shadding. 
This job was done in all House of Kolor. 
After it was airbrushed it was cleared with Dupont Chromapremier clear and then sanded and polished to a glass finish.  
This job took a total of 18 hours to complete start to finish. 

This is how it started out.

I am showing a few of the in progress photos. All the automask has been removed and now you see a very rough layout of what this is to be. All work from here on out will be done freehand with the airbrush.  
The shadding has been done in white.  
I am really tempted to leave this reaper in black and white. My wife wants me to clear it like this but color on it anyway. I am going to put some  
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