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This is the inside of the break room door at Body Magic. That is a local bodyshop that I worked at in the late 80's. They are building a new shop and wanted a custom door.

I was told to do whatever I wanted on it. I just love it when that happens.Well I took Eddie and made him into a chick. You didn't know he had an evil sister?  

The painter at Body Magic requested some mushrooms on it. I guess cause those guys are kept in the dark and fed full of $H!^. Anyway the mushrooms are controlled by the puppet master.


This is my favorite part of this whole door. I love how this hand turned out.

BREAKS OVER was done in bones, muscle tissue and tendons. The colors on this are all a mix of Dupont Chromabase, Hot Hues, and House of Kolor.  
The mushrooms kinda take you back to the 60's huh? These shrooms have little hooks in them for the puppet strings. 
The stitching in the jeans was even done. 

I wanted to make her a bit chilly but I was afraid that might be pushing it a bit, considering where this is going.

Aint she just a doll? 
The bottom of the door. 
The top of the door. 
Following will be just some closer shots of various parts of the door. Then I will show some step by step pictures on how this was done. 
After all the airbrush was done the door got 3 coats of Hot Hues 5100 clear. Then it was sanded and polished to a glass finish.  
A closer look at some of the letters.I used no stencils in this doors design. This was all done freehand. 
The door knob is on fire. 

There was a total of 38 hours spent on this job.

Next I will show you how this was done. 

First the design was drawn in chalk. Then the outline airbrushed in white. A damp rag then wiped off the chalk residue.

The whole thing was be shaded in white before any color was added.  

Still shadding with white.

Still spraying white. This part was really time consuming. This is the most important part though. This is your foundation. If its not right the rest will not look good at all.  
This is your design. It would look pretty cool just like this. Now its time for the color to be added. 
Well here I am spraying some kolor through the my trusty old Iwata airbrushes. 
Its a downhill slide from here. Alot of changing colors, cleaning the airbrush, wiping the door down between each color, and the next thing you know the suns coming up and its almost ready to clear. 
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