Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 27, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

This is a pretty wild Jetski. This is on both sides. 
This is not your average ski. Check it out. 

The jetski went through extensive body repairs and mods. The paint just speaks for itself.

This is on each side. The front of the ski is rusted metal, rivits and massive bullet holes with fire coming out.   
The bottom front. 
 I put 5 coats of Hot Hues 5100 clear on this thing. The reason for so much is because these things take a beating. Hopefully after a summer of riding most of the scratches that happen can be sanded out and polished.  
The front after clear. I will update these after its put together.  
The right side after clear.I will update with completed pics when its put together.  
I went on ahead and put some ghost flames on the center of this top piece. You may not see any of this after its put together. But we painted the whole bottom of this thing so the fish would have something to look at?  
The left side of the top cover after clear.  
The top rt side after clear.  

This is the bottom front. It got the rusty panels with rivits, some graffics, pinstripes, ghost flames, and water spot effects on the rear. Alot of detail for the bottom of a jetski.

The bottom rear. Some paint fade and blending and water spot graffic effects.  
The bottom rear.  
The bottom front. 

This is what it looked like before we started on it.


Some of the in progress shots.

This rusty old battleship has got some pretty healthy holes blown in the side of it. I am working on the rivits here. 
Now I am starting the long drawn out process of rivits and lots of rust.  
Now that the rust and rivits are done it seemed only fitting the have fire coming out of the holes.  
This just speaks for itself! This is on the left side. One like it is on the right side too. This is ready for clear.  
The right side chick is ready to clear.  
The right side is ready to clear.  

Putting together.

Putting it all back together. 
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