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This was a total restoration from the ground up. It was a rust free truck for the most part. It had alot of body damage though. Other than the front bed panel and tailgate it still has all the original sheetmetal 
If you watched the build on this it was a pretty extensive job. Tim sparred no expense. Everything was completely rebuilt, painted, powdercoated etc. We started this project on Feb.1st 2008 and finished it on Aug.25th 2008. Just short of 7 months. 
The truck was completely taken apart stripped, blasted, epoxied, bodyworked, epoxied again, primed, blocked, reprimed and painted all in pieces. Then polished all in pieces. Then reassembled. 
The rear fenders were completely rebuilt. Relacement ones could not be found. 
This restoration was done using all Dupont products. Dupont Chromabase with Chromapremier clear. It is the original colors right down to the pinstripes. The blue is 2063K  Alt.1 The black is 99K.  It got 4 coats of color and 3 coats of clear. 
We had a total of 999.75 hours worked in this restoration. That does not count the mediablaster, powdercoater, engine builder, mechanics, wiring, or upholstery.  
The truck is just the way it came out in 1937 except the wood is not painted black, it has been converted to 12 volt, front turn lights were added. Front park lights added and a rear light on the right side. 
The view from above. 
It almost looks like a model truck from this angle. Its not though. 
The floor strips, wood, and all bolts were replaced. 
A look inside the bed. 
The bedsides recieved some extensive bodywork. Alot of hammer and dolly work here. They have to be strait inside and out and its a single panel so you got to get them pretty strait before any filler is applied. 
The bedsides were polished inside and out. 
I just like the inside of this bed. It is one of my favorite parts of the truck. 
Originally these oak boards were painted black. Tim stained them and brought them to us and I sprayed 3 coats of clear on them. Then I sanded them down and sprayed 3 more coats of clear on them. This looks awsome in here. 
Both original door panels were mediablasted, epoxied and repainted with the original wrinkle finish. 
The interior panels are all original and have been resprayed with the original wrinkle paint. The glass and rubber is new. 
It has all new wiring and knobs. The original cranks were rechromed. 
The dash was repainted with the original wrinkle finish. 
The floor petals. New rubber grommets throughout the cab. The floorpans were all rebuilt and painted. The inside of the cab was painted. 
Tim sent all the original guages off and had them rebuilt. They look new now. 
All the interior trim pieces were sandblasted, epoxied and wrinkle finished. The headliner was replaced. The wiper motor was sent off and rebuilt. 
The doors got new glass and window channels. The inner and outer handles are original but have been rechromed. Thw window regulators and door latches were cleaned repainted and lubed before installing them. 
The original steering wheel was all cracked up. We rebuilt it and painted it black with a clearcoat. 
The wiring has all been redone and routed the way it was in 1937. 
The original wiring harness had a white cotton cloth on it but the 12 volt conversion has a black covering on it. Thats about the only difference here. 
If you were at a chevy dealership in 1937 this is how the inside would have looked. We even replaced all the original clutch screws that hold the interior together. 
The original radiator and gas tank were sent off and rebuilt then painted of course. 
The engine was sent off to Jasper engines and they rebuilt it.  
The left engine bay. The original splash pans were powdercoated, the steering geerbox and shaft repainted the originla aircleaner, horn, and oil tank were painted. 
The engine and tranny have been completely rebuilt. These are the originals too. 
The original carb was rebuilt. 
Jasper has a division that specialises in antique auto engines. Tim chose them for the rebuild. They even give a 3 year warranty. 
The rear suspension got all new shackles and rubbers. The springs are the originals and have been powdercoated. 
The left front suspension. 
It has all new brake and fuel lines, new brakes, the rotors were powdercoated and turned. The axle and spindles were powdercoated. The tierods rebuilt and painted. The frame of course was powdercoated. 
The spare tire rim was powdercoated. The original spare tire was mounted back on the rim. Its not safe to drive on but the fact that it still looks good and is the original one was pretty cool. 
The original front axle was completely taken apart, powdercoated and rebuilt with all new steering, brakes, etc. Here you can see the original GM stamping marks. 
The emergency brake is even the original one.  
The original running boards were rebuilt. 3M bodyshutz was sprayed on the bottom of them and on the inside of the fenders. 
The right front suspension. 
The entire cab was repainted inside and out. The bottom was painted too. 
The bottom of this truck is just like it was in 1937. 
All 4 of the original shocks got new pins and rubbers. They were repainted. 
The bottom of the truck is as nice as the top. The originla rear end was taken apart, powdercoated and rebuilt. The original springs and frame were powdercoated. 
The original wheels were powdercoated. New tires of course. The hubcaps were pinstriped. Eric Campbell comes down from Kansas City and does all our pinstripes for us. 
The right rear wheeltub. 
The right front wheeltub. 
The left rear wheeltub. 
The left front wheeltub. 
The bottom of the front nose piece. This piece had to be rebuilt to fit the new grill. 
The truck even has all the original bumper brackets. Here you can see the original GM stamping in them. They were powdercoated of course. The original bumpers were rechromed.  
The original tag.  

Happy Birthday.

I will leave the in progress pictures up for a while so people can see the build of this truck. I will put some of the more interesting ones on here too. 
There it goes. Thanks Tim. It was a pleasure to get to know you and to do this truck for you.  
Well its getting loaded up to leave. 
This truck has never been repainted and is for the most part all here. The rust on it is not too bad considering it is 71 years old.  
The inside of the cab. These will be cool pictures to compare when the truck is done. Before and after shots are pretty interesting I think.  
The left front of the truck. I always show a few of the more interesting in progress pictures after the job is done.  
Tim has an all original 37 chevy truck here. This one is getting a complete frame off restoration. When we get done it will look just like it did when it rolled out of the factory in 1937.  
This is how the bed looked.  
This is how it started out. Well its about to get tore down. All bolts will be marked and bagged. Alot of reference photos will be taken. Notes and diagrams will be made for reassembly.  
The front clip is off.  
The entire cab has been sandblasted inside and out top to bottom. All other body panels were done the same way. Then everything was put in epoxy to be bodyworked. 
The frame without the engine and tranny.  
The rear fenders are ready to prime.  
The seat tag again is still in excellent shape.  
The frame is back from the powdercoaters. The front and rear suspension pieces are powdercoated and are at the mechanics shop getting put together.  
Its a rolling chassy again.  
The cab has been polished and set back on the frame.  

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