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We fixed some dings. Painted the hood,grill, fenders, flares, and doors. Put the ram logos in both door jams and painted his helmet. Then polished everything. This job took a total of 87.5 hours.  
The new flame job on the hood and fenders. It runs down the doors from out of the wheelwells also.  
The right side. I wish you could see the depth of the paint in these pictures. It really needs to be seen in person on a sunny day. 
The right door outside. Notice how it looks different from the pictures taken inside. 
The right door. We remove all door handles, mouldings, mirrors, etc. when we paint. Nothing that can be removed gets masked up. 
The left side. 
The right side. 
The hood and right fender.  
The left side. 
A look at the hood and fender. I remove the flares, lights, grill, all mouldings and door hardware before painting. 
The left side of the hood. This was taken outside the shop.  
The left fender. This picture was taken outside. 
The left door. The lighting really plays on these Kandys. It does some wild stuff in different lights. 
The left door. Notice how the pictures look different depending on whether they were taken inside or outside. Thats the Kandys doing their thing. 
The right side. The Air Grabber looks good on there. It all works too. If you go to any drag races in St Louis you will see this truck there. Its fast too. He has a new Hemi truck and this one blows it away. 
There is the top view with the helmet. More helmet shots can be seen on the Helmet page of this website. 
Since he drag races this truck we done his helmet to match. Cruser put the Air Grabber in the original Dakota hood himself. We just had to do some minor repairs and fix a few door dings. 
A closer look at some of the fire. 
Another closeup of the fire. Its hard to get good pictures of this. The truck is so shinny that the glare makes it tough. 
A closer look at the fire. All House of Kolor Kandys were used on this job. 
Another closeup of some of the fire. 
The camera just does not bring out all the colors and depth that the sunlight does. 
The flamming ram in the right door jam. 
We put these flamming ram logos in each door jam and on the back of the helmet. This is the left side. 
The left side of the helmet. 
The back of the helmet. 
The logo on the back of the helmet. The same logo is in each door jam.  
The right side of the helmet. More pictures of this are on the helmet page of my website. 

This is what Cruser's RT looked like when we got it.


This was Cruser's hood before we started on it. He had installed the Air Grabber in it himself. Not bad for a Gearhead. We just had to fix some rock chips and a few door dings and it was ready to go.

First I lay out the basic design in white.  
After the basic layout is done I fill in the main flame areas with yellow. The yellow is a base for all the Kandys.  
After the yellow is is time to start the Kandys.  

After the Kandys are sprayed I add some highlights to give it that extra pop. Then it all gets taken back apart for clear.


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