Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

We pulled the front bumper off and fixed the rock chips and airbrushed it.The grill was removed sanded and the lower part airbrushed. Then they were cleared, polished put bach together and installed.  
Well this year Cruser decided to add some fire to the front bumper and lower part of the grill. He also wanted to airbrush the tailgate. It just won best paint at the Dakota Rt Nationals in St Louis.  

The front bumper and fire on the lower part of the grill  was a nice touch. It helps tie the whole front of the truck together.

The tailgate was removed. The emblems taken off, dents fixed, airbrushed, cleared and polished.  
A close look at the center of the tailgate.  
The side view is still the same. We didn't do anything new here this year. 
Well lets go racing! Thats what this truck is all about. 
Best Paint at the RT Nationals in St Louis 2007. 
1st place at the RT Nationals. 

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