Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

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Dwight is doing the teardown and reassemble himself. All we had to do was strip it, repair the rust, bodywork and paint it.

This is Dwights 68 Chevy truck. He took it all apart himself and brought it to us that way. He is going to put it all back together himself. Once he gets that done I will try to get new pictures.  
 We repaired the floors, put in new rockers, cab corners, supports, repaired rust in the doors and  fenders, fixed alot of dents and repainted it. This was not a restoration.  
Front view. Our part is about done. Dwight is putting it back together. We are just fitting the sheetmetal. This job was done in Dupont products, Chromabase paint and Chromapremier clear.  

Once its put together this is going to be a nice looking driver. I think he has plans to redo the tires and wheels also.

We put a new tailgate on it. Other than that all the original sheetmetal was repaired. We did not do anything on the inside of the bed.  
I will get better pictures once its completely finished.  

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