Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

This truck used to be black. We tore it completely apart and changed the color.  
This truck was completely stripped to bare metal. This job too a total of 132 hours to complete. It was sprayed in Dupont Chromaone.  
The truck was stripped to bare metal everywhere. Then bodyworked and primed with Dupont variprime and Dupont Uro primer.  
It got a new grill. The bumper was cleaned up. All the bumper fillers were repainted white.  
The carpet was removed and cleaned. It got a new headliner and the seat was recovered.  
The doors were taken off and all the jams were painted. The hinges and latches were rebuilt.  
The bed was unbolted and removed. The bumpers and all trim was removed. You can not find anywhere that is still the original color.  

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