Herron Custom Paint Herron Custom Paint May 23, 2018   

Herron Custom Paint

Heavy metal show truck. Complete frame off restoration. 20" lift with 44in. swampers. Complete airbrushed body inside and out. The frame was painted black with blue pearl in clearcoat and polished like the rest of the truck. 
Monster trucks and Harleys. Two of the best toys you can have. I sold this truck in 1998. Then it was sold again in 2001. I lost track of it after that. I saw it on ebay once. If anyone knows where it is now I would be interested to know. 

The primer was Dupont Variprime and Uro Primer. The paint is all Dupont Chromabase with tons of clear. This truck has won at national shows, and the four wheel and off road jamboree. It took over 3000 hours to complete. This was my own personal ride for a few years.


This truck got some major body and frame modifications. Hydrollic flip front, shaved gas door and bad stake holes. The frame was totally customised for the lift and multiple shocks. The body of course was stripped to bare metal.


Heavy Metal's airbrushed dash. The interior was completely customised. It had a 500hp 429ci. motor, tunnel ram w/dual 650 Hollys,C6 tranny w/shift kit & stall, 411 gears with positrack.I installed dual transfer cases for multiple gear ratios and adjustable drive line angles.


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