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We completely repainted this truck. It has some pretty heavy hail damage and some rust. It had been wrecked in the front too.

It got both front fenders replaced. The headlight panel and lights on the right side. The hood had some hail damage and was banged up in one corner. 

This was all done in Dupont products. Chromabase and Chromapremier clear.

The bedsides were rusted out over the wheeltubs. That was all cut out. New tubs were fabricated and new bedside patches were fabricated out of the good wheelopenings from the front fenders. 

Using the good wheelopenings from the damaged front fenders was the way to go on welding up the rust on the outer bedside skins.

Most of the truck has already been painted before so anywhere that did not have the factory paint was stripped to bare metal. 
Joey has a pretty sharp truck now. When you look at the price of a new one it makes sense to fix up an older truck that is in good mechanical condition. They wont depreciate like a new one either. 
It turned out great. Strait and shinny. 
Thats the way bedsides should be. No waves or ripples. 
There was a total of 144.75 hours in this truck start to finish. We completed this job in 18 working days. 

This is what it looked like when we started. It had rust, dents, the normal wear and tear.

Here are some of the in progress pictures.The rust was cut out of the left bedside. The inner tub was rusted way more than we thought. Tom is rebuilding that then he will make a piece to weld in the outer bedside.  
Once all the rust was cut out of the bedsides and new metal fabricated and welded in the welds were ground and sandblasted. Then 3M panel bond adhesive was put over the welds.  
The hail damage on the hood is getting repaired. The lf bedside is getting bodyworked.  
The right bedside is almost ready to prime. We stripped it. It had been painted before and I do not trust painting over someone elses work.  
The cab has been bodyworked, primed, blocked, reprimed and is ready to paint. The new fenders are getting prepped to prime.  
The cab and fenders have been wetsanded and the truck is masked to paint.  
The bed is ready to paint.  

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