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The left side. The cab was a rust free air conditioned cab. We did replace the cab corners and rockers though. The rockers were smashed from being high centered at one time. It still has all the original floors and cab supports.  
This truck has factory air, tilt wheel, rear cargo light, new sliding back glass and rubber, new windshield, new rubber and chrome. All the drivetrain is new. It has a 396 with a for speed. It is a 3/4 ton 4x4 with lock outs. All body mount rubbers and bolts are new. All new brake and fuel lines. 
This was a long term project. It was worth the wait though. It turned out great. This is a complete restoration here. It is back to the way it was in 69 other than the tires and wheels and some engine modifications.  
I really like those wheels. They look so much better than the stock ones. This restoration took a total of 458.5 hours to complete. This does not count the frame, suspension and drivetrain. The owner done all that himself. 
The right side. All new weatherstrips, glass, handles, latches, even the door hinges are new. There was nothing that was overlooked on this truck. You wont find a nicer one. 

The right side.

We even fixed all the dents inside the bed. Its too nice to even put a cooler back here now. Notice the new stainless steel bed bolts. 
This truck was a complete frame off restoration. Nothing was overlooked. It is a new 69 chevy truck now. If it could be bought new, it was. 
This shows how strait the hood is. Notice that it is polished to a glass finish. It was sprayed in Dupont Chromabase with Hot Hues 5100 clear. The color is corvette red from a 1995 model. 

This show another angle of the hood.

This is where all that blocking pays off. 99% of any show quality paint job is in the preporation work before any paint is sprayed. Rush your body work and priming and blocking and you will pay for it in the end. 
This is a side shot to show how strait this truck is. 
The bed sides used to have moulding holes in them but we welded them up.  
This shows the right bedside. We welded up moulding holes. It had some small waves and dents but it was a rust free bed. 
This shows down the right side from the front. You can see how strait it is. It has been sanded with 2500 grit wetsanding paper and polished to a mirror finish. 
It has a new grill, all new lights, buckets and seals.New bumper and brackets. The hood and doors are used.We did weld up moulding holes in the rust free doors. All door window tracks, felts,regulators, glass ,latches, strickers,mirrors, handles, locks etc. are new. 
This is the right tailight area. Notice how clean the bodylines are. Of course all the lights throughout the truck are new. 
All the fender emblems are new. The fender on this side was a used one. The other one was a new GM fender. New GM wheeltubs rt and left. All new bolts and clips, screws, and hardware throughout the whole truck. Every bolt was removed and replaced with a new one. 
Look at the sharp crisp lines around the tailight. It is this attention to detail that sets us apart from other shops. 
The tailgate is new from Goodmark. It fit really well. The bumper and brackets are new. New tailights, buckets, seals, screws, clips, wiring. The wiring throughout the whole truck is new. 
The roof inside.  
There is the new dash and steering wheel. It has a factory tilt column. All the wiring and guages are new. All the heater controls and air conditioning is new.  
This shows the new 396 big block. If you look you can see all the new air conditioning assembly.  
This shows the big block 396. It is not a stock one either! It will run! 
The left door panel. All new of course. New handles and all new guts in the doors. New glass. New screws and bolts.  
The bottom of the hood was painted and cleared. Notice it has all new insulator pads between the hood and the support ribs. 
The right door panel. Same story as the left one.New everything. 
Waiting to be picked up. 
You can't get much newer than this. Nine miles on a 69 chevy truck.  
Well its on its way home. 

Heading home.


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